ADWEST is a leading integrator of wireless backhaul and broadband access solutions in the sub-6GHz space, as well as Licensed bands (11 Ghz, 14 Ghz, 18 Ghz & 23 Ghz) empowering carriers and service providers around the world with the ability to connect subscribers everywhere. ADWEST also has many years of experience in WiMAX network deployment.
The portfolio addresses the distinctive needs of private networks of all types, from small enterprises to large corporations,
government and municipalities, utility companies, educational and financial institutions.

Backhaul solutions

Regardless of the type of network, ADWEST's wireless broadband Point-to-Point (PtP), Multi point to point ( MPtP)
and Point to Multi point (PtMP) solutions provide future proof backhaul in a simpler, more affordable, and easier
to install architecture. Particularly, the Cellular backhaul solutions are cut out to reach out to rural subscribers as well
as deliver enhanced service in urban areas.

Broadband access

The diverse portfolios of Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point wireless solutions empower service providers so they can deliver high speed end-to-end broadband access services to their customers, wherever they are.

Private networks

The Point-to-Point (PtP) and Multiple-Point-to-Point (MPtP) solutions allow the customer to own and control your network: from small enterprises to large corporations, government and municipalities, utility companies, educational and financial institutions.

Security and surveillance

The Point-to-Point (PtP) and Multiple-Point-to-Point (MPtP) solutions are designed so as to meet all the vital requirements for video surveillance and offer rapid installation of cameras and security devices at any location.

Metro Wifi

Adwest transforming the unlicensed broadband wireless access market with powerful solutions based on beamforming technology. With superior coverage and greater capacity, Adwest's solutions enable service providers, communities and enterprises to deliver high quality service in urban and rural applications while reducing CAPEX and OPEX by more than 50%.
Our innovative xRF adaptive beamforming smart antenna technology is the industry's only smart antenna technology designed for mesh Wi-Fi solutions. xRF technology is based on a patent-pending implementation of adaptive beamforming and smart antenna signal processing algorithms

The Wireless solution combines advanced smart antenna technology with innovative mesh radio access architecture. The combination unleashes a new level of Wi-Fi coverage, performance and economics. Traditional service providers and emerging content carriers can now take advantage of Wi-Fi for broadband public access and to deliver next generation services such as W-VoIP, gaming, video streaming and other multimedia applications. Adwest offers complete, end-to-end solutions for outdoor WiFi applications in metro and rural areas, ensuring service operators, municipalities and enterprises are able to deploy robust carrier grade wireless networks quickly and effectively. The solutions revolutionize the market by providing superior connectivity, greater coverage in a cost effective package.


Adwest has been delivering innovative solutions to Telecom operators, businesses and private networks for many years. Our established leadership in the WiMAX industry has provided operators with end-to-end solutions based on full turnkey project capabilities founded on years of experience in the field, winning partnerships and a best-of-breed product portfolio.
Our 4G wireless broadband solutions for licensed and license-exempt frequencies are cost-effective, flexible and designed to meet the varying demands of any market. The complete portfolio of end-to-end 4G communications solutions includes radio base stations, core network elements, end-user devices and network management solutions

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Video Conferencing


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