Adwest Communications LTD has managed many projects across its areas of operation within the the East africa region. Multiple complex projects have been undertaken in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

Projects In Kenya

Solutions offered within the telecoms segment include:

  • ISP and Infrastructure Backbones, Backhaul and access networks.
  • Wimax Networks
  • Metro Ethernet Backbone and access Networks
  • InterMSC compression and transmission optimization
  • Fraud management and Revenue assurance system
  • Private WAN Extension
  • Outsourced network support contracts, SLA and performance assurance contracts
  • Multiple vendor RMA management, and Project spares management
  • Outsources Project Implementation and integration
  • SCADA solution and alarm propagation
  • Teleprotection contact transfer and inter-station hotlines
  • Complete end to end Radio station projects
  • Outsourced Design, implementation and Integration of IPTV systems
  • DVB-T platform projects: IP Decoder and encoders, mpeg4 encoders, band-pass filters.
  • Video conferencing and boardroom Teleconference solutions

Projects In Uganda

Solutions offered within the Public Utilities segment include:

  • National Multi-Access Platform
  • Broadband access router for all internet services
  • Last Mile Access Platform on copper, Wireless and fiber Network
  • Network monitoring and service assurance for the GSM network
  • Wireless last mile access platform
  • Outsourced Project Implementation and Integration
  • RMA Management
  • Centralized Network Management platform

Projects In Tanzania

Solutions offered within the Public Utilities segment include:

  • SDH 4000Km Fiber Backbone. Full integration of the scada and ERP system
  • Fiber Optic access Infrastructure
  • National Multi-Access Platform over copper
  • Transmission Network Compression and Optimization
  • Internet Satellite Backbone connectivity
  • Outsourced network maintained and preventive maintenance contracts

Video Conferencing


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