As a premier partner Adwest are able to provide HD video conferencing solutions to a diverse audience requiring state-of-the-art technology from a single room system to executive desktop, mobile devise to the immersive telepresence environment..

Market Leading Interoperability
The SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform combined with the SCOPIA Elite MCU delivers unmatched interoperability with any telepresence and standards-based video conferencing system for full video, audio and H.239 data collaboration.

Intuitive Apple iPad Control

The learning curve for using the SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform is virtually eliminated with the SCOPIA Control Multi-Touch™ application for the Apple iPad®. First time users can initiate calls, control their SCOPIA XT Telepresence systems and moderate meetings without any training or introduction.

Breakthrough Price Point
The SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform enables the creation of an exceptional immersive experience at a breakthrough price point. The Telepresence Platform stands out amongst the competition delivering immersive collaboration capabilities for a fraction of what competitors charge.

SCOPIA Mobile is the first enterprise application for the Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® that allows mobile users to connect with full video, audio and H.239 data collaboration.   SCOPIA Mobile users are able to fully participate in enterprise video and telepresence conferences leveraging the latest mobile devices extending enterprise video conferencing and telepresence to nearly anywhere someone goes with their mobile device.

SCOPIA Desktop is a simple web browser plug-in that is centrally managed and deployed without complex licensing fees or installation issues. Simply click on a link and in moments you are ready to go. Connect from anywhere, create a virtual conference room and invite users or room systems. The network is not in your way with Transparent Firewall Traversal and Extreme Network Tolerance with H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding).





SCOPIA_Elite_MCU 5000

SCOPIA_XT1000_- SMB_Edition







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