Fraud and Risk management

Adwest adheres to deliver mission-critical solutions and services to the financial services sector. Adwest’s partners have solution portfolio used by the world's top global financial institutions, agencies and regulatory bodies. They rely on the solutions to increase their insight into real-time customer and employee behavior, transactions, and activities. As a result, these solutions enable the various organizations to have reduced and prevented financial crime activities, minimized money laundering exposure, increased investigator efficiency and improved regulatory compliance and oversight.

The solutions are unique in their ability to combine and offer a true set of best-in-class packaged financial crime, risk, and compliance solutions. All solutions leverage a powerful, integrated risk management platform. The Platform can be extended to fit specific business needs, allowing clients to develop their own analytical models and business processes.

Banking Core system

The offered Banking solutions portfolio enable financial institutions to carry out the essential tasks across retail, corporate and wholesale banking, e.g. managing direct debits, deposits, retail lending, treasury, trade finance, cash management and corporate lending, and ensuring the highest service to customers over every available channel. These solutions help banks to meet their business objectives in these areas, including streamlining operations, launching new products, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, improve customer experience, increasing revenues and profits while minimizing risk.

Treasury and Capital Market

Our solutions offer the most comprehensive cross-asset, front-to-back coverage available in the market including interest rate, credit, equity and FX derivatives, foreign exchange, futures and options, fixed income, commodities, structured products and lending.
Treasury and Capital Market have very distinctly unique and demanding needs.

Adwest prides in partnering with Manufacturers who’s Solution are used by more than 500 leading financial institutions world-wide. We provide an unrivalled level of expertise with 1800 capital markets domain specialists. 19 of the top 20 Capital Markets firms and 13 of the top 20 syndicated loan book runners rely on our solutions

The solution offers cross-asset portfolio and risk management covering the whole STP process: investment management, risk management, middle/back office and accounting. It combines sell-side level financial an

d technological capabilities with the user-friendliness, connectivity and ease of implementation required by the buy-side. VALUE has been adopted by more than 80 institutions worldwide, from start-up hedge funds to global asset management companies.

Intelligence solutions

Adwest partners with the World’s leading Intelligence solution providers to manage and understand complex and potentially conflicting information, communicate your findings and make recommendations that lead to informed decisions and appropriate action. These information may be related to Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Organized Crime, Drugs, Volume Crime, Compliance to Professional Standards, Fraud, Money Laundering, Telecom crimes, Retail crime etc

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