Media and Broadcasting

Adwest is partner to premier manufacturers in professional radio & television broadcast solutions. Each of the partner focuses on the dedicated sections of designing and manufacturing hardware and software products specifically conceived for radio & TV broadcasting, including audio & video logging, digital signage solutions, and a wide range of tools for business administration.

Adwest serves the emerging and rapidly growing consumer-oriented market in which new generation of Internet TV operators seek a replacement for the costly use of satellite/ cable infrastructure as a delivery platform. These Internet-based 'Virtual TV Operators' (VTOs/IBTV) feature a new model, replacing the costly and limited broadcast infrastructure with the open Internet, thus exploiting its powerful standards and innovative business models.

Adwest is an Authorized distributor in the East African market for .

  • End to end DVB-T Solutions, Equipment and real time monitoring solutions
  • Medium to Small DVN-T/H Transmitter solutions.
  • Mobile TV and Digital TV integrated transmitter and repeater stations .
  • Complete End to End Studio services and equipment.
  • End to End IPTV solution, technology and equipment
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Video Conferencing


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